BDE  Luxury Events

BDE Luxury Events is an event design and decor company out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Known for our flawless eye for details, opulent over the top florals and design aesthetic, BDE has quickly become the go-to designer for clients of the most discerning tastes!  Under the attentive eye of Shlinda Jackson,  BDE offers a hands-on approach to weddings and events; orchestrating a one of a kind curated approach to life’s most unforgettable celebrations. 

Hello Dreamers, I See You!


CEO & Creative Director of BDE Luxury Events, LLC.
Event Designer / Decorator / Event Day of Coordinator 

Shlinda Jackson is the founder and creative force behind Beautyful Dreamers Events. Shlinda's unique style and passion for transforming spaces into timeless and memorable settings have established her as a top event designer for clients everywhere. Shlinda has produced over 100 weddings and events. Her keen eye, attention to detail, and a knack for perfection is what her clients love about her. She brings the art of creativity and personalization to every single event making her the best at what she does. 

The BDE brand is built on the principles of integrity, gratitude, and compassion for others. Her spirit allows her to connect with clients on a genuine, personal level to understand their vision and curate customized events that are truly authentic and unforgettable.

She believes that to whom much is given, much is required, and constantly uses her platform for a greater purpose. She works to help inspire women and children, all the while finding time to balance a healthy marriage and family life. Having weathered major storms since stepping into the industry, her biggest challenge was losing her mother in 2009. It was only by the grace of God that she was able to push through and honor her commitment to excellence for her clients in the midst of adversity.

Jackson is the epitome of elegance, class, innovation, and creativity. She has grown her brand by taking her core principles and her passion for creating fabulous events and turning them into lasting memories for her clients.  Shlinda's goal is to continue building her legacy while creating opportunities for others. Shlinda Jackson and Beautyful Dreamers Events are names the world will remember, adding signature style one event at a time.



What Services Do You Provide?

 We are Event Designers. We provide and develop the overall design of your event. We provide the florals and decorative items needed to bring your event to life. Decorative items include linens, chargers, custom tables, and other items.

We also provide draping, lighting, flooring and staging. 


How Much Do You Charge?

Every event is unique and pricing varies based on event location, date, guest count, design aesthetic, and many other factors.

Our average decor budget ranges from $50 - $300 / per guest (i.e. 200 guests $10,000 - $40,000)


How Can I Book You For My Event?

We would love to hear more! 

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